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Goldline International, Inc. produces The American Advisor broadcasts.  We assist investors and collectors with a full range of rare coin, rare currency, and precious metal products and services including our FREE investor�s website at --> -->.

Goldline traces its corporate history to 1960.  We are proud to have continuously served investors and collectors for more than 40 years.  We consider ourselves �market makers� offering to buy and sell a wide variety of precious metals and rare coins on a daily basis.

Goldline offers clients the option of either prompt delivery or utilizing a third party Storage Account.  Available to our clients since 1975, this storage service offers the convenience of investing in precious metals or rare coins without the burden of taking possession of the investment.  Goldline Storage Account clients receive confirmation of all precious metals transactions confirming the metal or bullion coins are stored and insured for safekeeping.  An internationally recognized, independent, certified (Big 5) public accounting firm reviews and audits the financial statements of Goldline�s Precious Metal Storage Program.  Call for a free copy of their most recent opinion letter.

To safeguard its clients' investments, Goldline selects depositories based on their national reputation, financial strength and insurance coverage.   


We also offer a unique accumulation program that enables clients to acquire coins or precious metals on a regular monthly program.  The accumulation program allows you to decide the dollar amount ($100/month minimum) of your monthly acquisition.  It is convenient and it puts the power of dollar cost averaging to work for you.

We are particularly proud of our staff.  They are editorial and pricing consultants to several prominent publications and recipients of numerous industry awards and citations.  Our staff provides dynamic speakers to the community on the value of including rare coins and precious metals in investment and retirement programs.

With a strong financial footing, Goldline has prospered through recessions as well as booms.  We are a recognized leader in the rare coin industry and pride ourselves on excellent service and personalized attention to our clients.


The rare coins we offer are fully guaranteed for authenticity and quality. Goldline provides all first time customers a seven (7) day unconditional money back refund privilege for all certified rare coins and precious metals purchased from our firm.  (See the paragraph on Refund Policy for details).  We maintain a large inventory of rare and bullion coins, which enables us to provide our clients with prompt delivery.

We are proud of our reputation in the coin community.  We invite you to check our credentials and our reputation.  Do your due diligence before you acquire rare coins or bullion from any firm.  We are confident that you will be pleased to make Goldline International, Inc. your headquarters for rare coins and precious metals.


DIVERSIFICATION:  We recommend that rare coins and bullion be part of a diversified investment portfolio.  We believe that coins and bullion are appropriate for 5% to 20% of a portfolio, although certain individuals or organizations might recommend a different percentage.  We also believe portfolios should contain equity and fixed income assets.  Further, your family and estate should also be protected with life, health, and risk insurance.

HOLDING PERIOD:  Rare coins and bullion should be considered a long-term investment.  We believe that rare coins should be held for at least 3 to 5 years and, preferably, 5 to 10 years to maximize your potential for gains.

IRA ACCOUNTS:  Goldline may refer clients to companies that provide trustee and custodian services for Individual Retirement Accounts (�IRA�).  Goldline is independent from and not affiliated with any of the companies that may provide those services.  It is the responsibility of the client to independently select the IRA service company suitable for the client.  The client agrees that Goldline shall have no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from client�s dealings with that IRA service company.

LIQUIDATION When you decide to sell your coins, we would appreciate the opportunity to offer you our then current buy price.  Alternatively, you may elect to sell your coins at private treaty or through one of the many rare coin auctions throughout the country.  However, if you elect to sell them elsewhere, you should expect other dealers to offer you a dealer wholesale price or less, which may be lower than our buy price.  Some dealers may offer substantially less than the coins are worth in an effort to maximize their profit and enable them to profitably sell the coins to another dealer.

STORAGE:  Goldline may, at its option, store your holdings in a depository of its choice and may change depositories without prior notice.  Goldline may co-mingle the metals or coins with those of other customers and acknowledges that you own a specific, but undivided interest in such metals or coins to the extent of the quantity and type you have purchased.  

CREDIT CARD PURCHASES:  You may choose to use your credit card to purchase some products.  However, we do not recommend that you go into debt to make a purchase with Goldline. Credit card purchases may be subject to a storage period prior to delivery.  

RISK All investments involve risk - - coins and bullion are no exception.  The value of a bullion coin (e.g., Maple Leaf or American Eagle) is determined by the current spot or market price of bullion.  This price fluctuates daily. The value of a numismatic or rare coin is determined by a multitude of factors, which can and do fluctuate independently from bullion prices.  These factors include: the perceived scarcity of the coin, its quality, current demand, market sentiment and economic factors.  Therefore, both bullion and rare coins can go down as well as up in value.  Historically, coins have produced excellent long-term gains during up cycles; however, they may not be suitable for everyone.  You should acquire a thorough understanding of the coin and bullion products before you invest.  Since all investments, including rare coins and bullion, can decline in value, you should have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering a coin or precious metals investment.  We do not recommend early withdrawal from accounts or securities which may result in substantial penalties or fees.

OUR PRICES There is a price differential, or �spread�, between our selling price and our buy-back price.  This is often referred to as a �transaction cost�.  A typical spread on bullion coins is approximately 2% to 6%, and about 30% on rare coins and rare currency.  If Goldline's ask/sell price is $500, then Goldline�s bid/buy price is $350, less a 1% liquidation/delivery commission ($500 X 70% - 1%=$346.50).  Goldline�s minimum buy/sell/liquidation/delivery commission is currently $15 per trade.  Both our spreads and total profit on some items may be greater than 30%.  With the exception of the most common currently minted 1 oz. gold bullion coins, Goldline may charge clients our numismatic spread.  To earn a profit upon resale to us, your coins or bullion must appreciate sufficiently to overcome this price differential.  Our prices are set internally based upon our analysis of a variety of factors and are not necessarily tied to the prices quoted by any other organization.  The prices charged by Goldline for coins are subject to change based on market conditions.  At times Goldline may not lower the price of the coins and instead offer clients additional coins with a purchase.  When Goldline offers additional coins with a purchase the buyer should be aware that such an offer may be an indication that coin prices have decreased. Our total profit before operating expenses may be more or less than our spread based on various factors including, but not limited to: quantity purchasing, favorable or unfavorable purchases, and positive and negative market conditions.  Goldline acts as a principal, not as a broker, and generally owns the coins and precious metals it buys and sells.

REFUND POLICY For your protection and convenience, Goldline provides all first time customers the right to a refund on their first transaction, without any reason whatsoever.  This right is limited to seven (7) calendar days from the date on which the transaction is confirmed, or seven (7) calendar days from the date on which written confirmation to the customer is postmarked, whichever is later.  All commissions, spreads, and storage fees are refunded; however, the customer is required to pay for any actual market loss (ask-to-ask).  Any market gain on refunds shall remain the property of Goldline.  Second and subsequent transactions are final upon verbal confirmation by a Goldline representative and are not subject to cancellation.  For residents of Colorado only, it is understood that you will be allowed to cancel any purchase of metal or coins at any time before the expiration of three (3) business days after your receipt of those metals and coins by delivering or mailing to Goldline a written Notice of Cancellation.  The Notice of Cancellation, if sent by mail, is deemed to be given as of the date the mailed notice was postmarked.  The receipt of metals or coins is deemed to occur at the earlier of:  (a) the date that you receive actual possession of the metals or coins; or (b) the date that you receive written confirmation that the metals or coins have been deposited on your behalf in an independent depository.  Goldline will refund any payment made on a transaction that you cancel as referenced in this paragraph within ten (10) days after Goldline has receive the Notice Of Cancellation and you have returned the metals and coins purchased.

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES:  The Account Executives at Goldline are generally commissioned salespersons.  The commissions they receive are usually greatest on rare coins, less on semi-numismatic coins, and least on bullion related products.  Their work experience, knowledge, background, and training are not regulated and vary widely.  They and/or Goldline may receive from time to time, undisclosed compensation for recommending specific products (including but not limited to contests, cooperative advertising, and trading profits in coins that they may own and/or sell).

Goldline employees may from time to time discuss the general direction of various financial markets and sometimes even stocks or bonds by name.  However, Goldline�s employees are not licensed as investment advisors and they are not making any specific recommendations regarding stocks or any other form of investment.  Please check with a licensed professional with expertise in a particular market before making a decision to buy or sell.

LIQUIDITY: Of the products that we generally buy and sell, bullion and bullion coins are more liquid than semi-numismatic coins, and semi-numismatic coins are more liquid than numismatic/rare coins. Sometimes, because of its market influence, when Goldline stops recommending an individual semi-numismatic or numismatic coin, its price may drop.

BUY-BACK POLICY: The law prohibits us from guaranteeing to repurchase the coins we sell, although we have always made buy-sell markets in bullion and rare coins we offer.  Therefore, our buy-back policy is not a guarantee and is subject to change without notice.  We post our prices on bullion and bullion coins daily and will quote them upon request.  You can check our website at for current sell price indications.  On rare coins it is our policy to offer to repurchase coins sold by us at the then current buy price.  Clients who purchased coins from Goldline may be allowed to resell those coins to Goldline at a bid price higher than the price paid to clients who did not purchase coins from Goldline or who are not in good standing.  While our company is not obligated, we continue to make a market for any of the coins we sell, have historically done so, and intend to continue to do so in the future.

GRADING:  Our firm uses the numerical Mint State (MS) grading system, which rates uncirculated coins from MS-60 to MS-70. Typically, the higher the grade, the more a coin is worth.  The grade assigned to a coin reflects its strike, luster marks, scratches, and overall eye appeal.  Grading has become more precise in recent years, but is nonetheless a subjective art and subject to the opinion of the person grading the coin.  Thus, grading can and does vary from rare coin firm to rare coin firm, from grading service to grading service, and from expert to expert.  A difference of one grade (e.g., MS-64 to MS-65) can result in a significant change in the valuation of a rare coin.  Moreover, grading standards have become more stringent over the years, resulting in lower appreciation than anticipated for some coins or even a loss in value.  Grading standards may continue to change, becoming more or less stringent.

When you acquire a coin from Goldline that is independently graded by a third party grading service such as PCGS or NGC (or CGC for currency) please note that Goldline relies 100% on the expertise/determination of the grading service.  We do not re-grade or independently evaluate the coin�s grade in its sealed container.  Goldline reserves the right to deliver independently graded coins that have been graded by an independent grading service of Goldline's choice, such as PCGS or NGC.

GROWTH PROJECTIONS:  Goldline may advise clients about forecasts made by members of our staff regarding the future prices of products sold by Goldline.  In making those projections, Goldline�s staff members will normally consider the following factors:

�  Past performance:  While past performance is a useful guide, it is not a guarantee of the future.  We frequently assume that if rare coins or bullion made gains under certain economic conditions in the past, they have the potential to appreciate when similar conditions exist in the future.

�  Economic forecasts:  It is impossible to predict future price trends or economic conditions.  However, we apply research, common sense, and logic in an effort to forecast future trends.  We believe these trends are a useful guide in evaluating the future potential for rare coins and bullion.

�  Supply and demand:  We believe that fundamental market forces will always prevail.  Therefore, we take into consideration changing supply and demand factors and our expectation of future trends of supply and demand.

There is no assurance that our growth projections will be achieved, and it is also possible for prices to decline.  We do not guarantee our forecasts or projections, but we strive to provide you with analysis that we believe is well thought out and sincerely reflect our opinion.

FOR YOUR PROTECTION:  Please make all payments payable to:  Goldline International, Inc.  Please do not send cash.  All metal/coins must be sent U.S. Postal Service (registered insured, return receipt requested) to: The American Advisor, 100 Wilshire Blvd., Third Floor, Santa Monica, CA  90401.  Check with your Account Executive for special packaging and addressing requirements.

Upon receipt of your coins, please inspect the shipment thoroughly to be certain you have received all of the coins you ordered and that they are consistent with the coins described on your delivery invoice.  Any variance from your order must be reported within (5) days of receipt of your shipment and you must have all original packing materials intact. All packages shipped to our clients are insured for full value. In the event the shipment is lost or damaged, at Goldline's option, we may either replace the coins or refund your purchase price.

Please promptly notify us in writing if you change your address or want to change your account title and include a signature guaranteed or notarized letter plus a copy of your driver�s license or a utility bill.  Be sure to include your account number and sign all correspondence.

Telephone calls may be monitored/recorded in an effort to assure quality control and policy compliance.  

If at any time you believe information you have received or been told is contrary to what is described in this booklet, you should request the information in writing from an officer of Goldline.

This risk/disclosure booklet is updated frequently. It is the responsibility of the client to keep up to date by either requesting a copy or by checking our website at

SUMMARY:  We strongly recommend that you acquire a sound understanding of precious metals, coins, and the coin market before you make your first investment.  Be prepared to invest some time and effort into understanding the market and the grading of your coins.  Do not commit more that 20% of your investment funds to rare coins or precious metals.  Protect your future with a diversified portfolio that meets your objectives for safety, liquidity, and growth.  Be prepared to hold your coin and bullion investments for a minimum of 3 to 5 years, recognizing that all markets have their ups and downs.  Do your due diligence and let reason and common sense be your guide.

� December 2002 Goldline International, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 

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